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Please note that most of the car models featured on this site do not belong to me and are all copyrighted works that are used with permission from the authors.
As such I am not able to grant any requests to give out these models.

Previous clients include:- Jaguar F1 Racing Team, Subaru World Rally Team, Forsythe Racing, Newman Haas Racing

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Assetto Corsa -Scuderia Ferrari SF-15T
  17th July'16

Ferrari's amazing 2015 F1 SF-15T car from Asseto Corsa.
Write-up coming soon.....

(8 renders of the Scuderia Ferrari SF-15T - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa -Lamborghini Countach
  5th Nov.'15

The iconic Lamborghini Countach is a mid-engined, V12 sports car produced by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. Its design pioneered and popularized the wedge-shaped, sharply angled look popular in many high-performance sports cars. It also popularized the "cabin-forward" design concept, which pushes the passenger compartment forward to accommodate a larger engine. The Countach was styled by Marcello Gandini of the Bertone design studio, the same designer and studio that designed the Miura. The doors, most often credited as a Lamborghini trademark, were a remarkable design feature for the Countach. They first appeared on the Alfa Romeo 33 'Carabo' concept car in 1968, an earlier design accomplishment, also by the talented Gandini.

(9 renders of the Lamborghini Miura SV - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa -Lamborghini Miura SV
  18th Dec.'14

The Lamborghini Miura is a sports car that was produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini between 1966 and 1973. The car is widely considered to have instigated the trend of high performance, two-seater, mid-engined sports cars. At launch, it was the fastest production road car available.

(12 renders of the Lamborghini Miura SV - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
  25th July '14

The AC Cobra, sold as the Ford/Shelby AC Cobra in the United States and often known colloquially as the Shelby Cobra in that country, is an American-engined British sports car produced intermittently since 1962.

(10 renders of the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - Lotus 49
  15th June '14

The legendary Lotus 49 was designed by Colin Chapman and Maurice Phillipe who built it around the Cosworth DSV engine and enabling the car to become the first successful Formula One car to feature the engine as a stressed member.

(10 renders of the Lotus 49 Italia - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - Ferrari 458 Italia
  18th May '14

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engined sports car that replaced the Ferrari F430. The 458 Italia was officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show on 15 September 2009.
Sporting a 4.5l V8 engine with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, the 458 produced 562BHP at it's maximum 9,000rpm.

(8 renders of the Ferrari 458 Italia - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - Ferrari 312T
  2nd May '14

1976 saw Ferrari produce the 312T to be driven by Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni.
The season saw the infamous duel betwen Lauda and British playboy James Hunt and also inspired the movie RUSH in 2013.
1976 was also the year that saw Niki Lauda have his life threatening crash at the notorious Nordschliefe.

(6 renders of the Ferrari 312T - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - Pagani Huayra
  28th March '14

Horacio Pagani had a dream to build a supercar.  After designing and building his own F3 car by the time he was 20, he went on to do just that with the Zonda F (which took 7 years to complete) and brutal Zonda R.

Then came the mighty 730BHP Huayra which slots easily into the 'hypercar' genre. The Huayra has active aerodynamics in the shape of 4 aero flaps (2 front, 2 rear) and the ability to adjust front ride height.

(11 renders of the Pagani Huayra - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - McLaren MP4-12C GT3
  2nd March '14

It was back in December 2010 that Mclaren said they would start building GT3 versions of their MP4-12C for competition.
It was to be the first McLaren in GT racing since the F1 GTR.

This GT3 variant of the road-going MP4-12C has a 6-speed gearbox and a steering wheel taken straight from the MP4-24 Formula 1 car.

(9 renders of the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - Fiat 500 Abarth
  22nd Feb. '14

After the brutal Ferrari F40, we have another Italian icon at the other end of the scale in the Fiat 500 Abarth.

Fiat first introduced the Fiat 500 in 1957 with a production run that ran to 1975 selling almost 4 million during that period.
In 2007, 50 years later, Fiat brought their small city car bang up to date and the Fiat 500 was born again.

(7 renders of the Fiat 500 Abarth - at 1920x1200)

Assetto Corsa - Ferrari F40
  14th Feb. '14

Thanks to Kunos Simulazioni, RacingRenders will be producing renders of cars from their new racing simulator, Assetto Corsa.

First off the production line had to be the Ferrari F40.
The F40 was the last Ferrari to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari himself.
Built from 1987 to 1992 this beast of a supercar boasted a 3 litre twin-turbo V8 engine putting out 471BHP (although speculations were that Ferrari were conservative with their figures).

(6 renders of the Ferrari F40- at 1920x1200.  1 render  at 5760x1200 for triple screens)

Maures - T5 Series
  23rd Mar. '13

This is the first rendered car from a mod for rFactor 2.
The car here is the Maures from the T5-Series mod.
The mod has already been released with the Aura and Bayro cars and the Maures will complete the set and be released very soon.

(6 HD renders of the Maures at 1920x1200)

Ayrton Senna-on-track tutorial available.
  22nd Apr. '12

Senna tribute render is RacingRenders' latest tutorial

If I was going to do an on-track tutorial it had to be with Senna.
I was undecided if the 94 Williams was the right way to go but in the end I decided it would also serve as a fitting tribute.
This latest tutorial, available at the RacingRenders shop, covers 4hr 20mins in 6 seperate lessons. 
We start with getting the car from the mod into the 3D package (Lightwave in my case), then building a section of track from scratch and finally setting up the car and driver so that both have moveable parts in order to make the shot.
Once the render is complete we move into Photoshop (other graphics packages can be used), to so some post-processing to give the final result.
Final render can be seen in full by clicking the thumbnail image.

Tutorial length: 4hrs 20mins
No. of lessons: 6
Resolution: 1280x720

The link to the shop is at the bottom of the column on the left, or you can click here.


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